Inspire your holidays

Holly or mistletoe? Yes!

Many people confuse these decorative holiday plants, but it’s easy to tell them apart. Mistletoe has glossy leaves and white berries, while holly has spikey leaves and red berries. Adorn your Bonne Maman jars with these festive touches and make spirits bright. As symbols of prosperity, they are thought to bring friendship and kindness. So when someone kisses you under the mistletoe, be prepared to say yes.

Artful jars!

Keep your empty Bonne Maman jars! They’re perfect for storing the mini gingerbread cookies that kids love to make. Fill them with mini coconut balls, cinnamon stars glittering with silver pearls, Smarties and chocolate chips. Bonne Maman jars keep the holiday season deliciously fresh under their charming red checked lids.

Be brilliant!

Brighten everyone’s holidays by turning Bonne Maman jars into joyful candlesticks placed among the tasty treats, terrines, pâtés and delicious meat dishes on your table. The red checked lids make ideal coasters to protect your favourite festive tablecloth from melted wax. Wrap the necks of the jars with wire and create handles you can decorate with colourful ribbons.

A little jelly goes a long way!

There’s nothing better than a Bonne Maman jelly to make an ordinary turkey extraordinary. Pleasantly sweet or slightly tart blackberry, redcurrant and blackcurrant jellies make a pleasant change from the usual cranberries for stuffing and purees. Velvety smooth, small or large, Bonne Maman jellies also transform simple desserts like plain yogurt or angel cakes. Use your gift for imagination to delight your guests!

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